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The New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT) is sponsoring the NM 475 Hyde Park Road Phase IA Feasibility Study (NM 475 Study) in the City of Santa Fe and Santa Fe County, New Mexico.  The Study area extends east from US 84/285 (St. Francis Drive) along Paseo de Peralta to Bishops Lodge Road, then continues northeast on Artist Road and Hyde Park Road and terminates at the entrance to Ski Santa Fe (approximately milepost [MP] 0.0 to MP 16.0).  The primary focus of the Study is to determine the feasibility of constructing bicycle facilities on NM 475 from Bishops Lodge Road to Ski Santa Fe.

The initial five miles of NM 475 along Paseo de Peralta, Bishops Lodge Road, and Artist Road consist of urban conditions in an older part of Santa Fe with buildings that date to the mid-1800s and early 1900s. From about MP 5.0 to MP 16.0, the conditions become more rural and mountainous. This section of roadway was originally developed to serve Hyde Memorial State Park in 1934 and was extended through the Santa Fe National Forest to Ski Santa Fe in the early 1950s. Some of the conditions that affect bicycle use are narrow travel lanes that lack shoulders for bicycles to avoid faster moving traffic, the presence of sharp vertical/horizontal curves and steep terrain at the edge of the road that limits sight distance, and access issues for some trailhead parking areas.

The NM 475 Study consists of a Phase IA Initial Evaluation of Alternatives that will: 

  • Evaluate existing conditions
  • Define needs, including physical deficiencies, safety, and necessary multimodal facilities
  • Identify a range of potential alternatives
  • Eliminate alternatives that are clearly unfeasible. 

Although the focus of the Study is to determine the feasibility of improved bicycle facilities on NM 475, an understanding of existing conditions, resources, and critical values, and input from the different stakeholders is essential to developing potential solutions.

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District 5

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Sarah Anderson, P.E. 
Project Development Engineer NMDOT North Region Design
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