To provide a unified approach to public involvement and context sensitive solutions, a Context Sensitive Public Involvement Plan (CSPIP) has been prepared for the NM 475 Study (link to CSIP in Study Resources Page). The goals of the CSPIP are: 

  • To establish the Study context and identify major community values; 
  • To identify the Study stakeholders, the methods to inform and involve them, and the approaches to resolve issues, concerns, and conflicts that may arise; and
  • To develop a decision-making process that is sensitive to the Study context, involves stakeholders in a meaningful way, and leads to the development of a preferred alternative that is consistent with the transportation, environmental, cultural, community, land use, and economic contexts of the Study area.

How to Participate

The Study will primarily use a virtual public involvement process to provide information and obtain input. To learn about the Study findings and supporting documentation, we ask that you participate in the public involvement events and explore the Project Resources provided on the website.

Virtual Public Meeting


Mail: Attn: NM 475 Phase A feasibility study
Ecosphere Environmental services Inc.
320 Osuna Road NE, Suite C-1
Albuquerque, NM 87107

Email: [email protected]


The comment period ends April 2, 2022.